Egyptian Sun Dried Lemon

Egyptian Sun Dried Lemon

Egyptian Sun Dried Lemon

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantifolia
Also Known As: Dried lemons, Dried limes, loomi , lumi

Origin: Egypt

Forms of Egyptian Sun Dried Lemon : Whole

Availability of Egyptian Dried Lemon : June to December

20 Kgs in Bags

  • Lead time: 2- 3 weeks
  • Egyptian Spearmint Product shelf life: 2 Years

  • -Good flavor
    -Good oil content
    -Black Color
    -Black limes are unique, offering a tart citrus flavor with a rich fermented aroma.
    the darker the lime, the more pungent the flavor.Also popular in cookery across the Middle East.

  • 30 % advanced payment ,70% Cash against documents
  • LC irrevocable, confirmed, at sight ( with prior approve)

Exporting process and how our company follows different markets instructions.

  • Sales contract / PI Document Evaluation
  • Preparing the Goods
  • Quality control
  • Inspection and testing
  • Loading
  • Certification and Export documents.
  • Shipping

NORICA Company is committed to produce dried agricultural products at a high quality level and safe to consumers in compliance with international quality and food safety standards. Company is also committed to comply with all applicable laws and legislations in environment, safety and occupational health.

The management team emphasizes their commitment and responsibility to implement an integrated quality, environmental, safety, occupational health. Moreover, the Top Management members consider the implementation and improvement of such system one of their main tasks, so, they direct and motivate employees to follow and ensure effectiveness of this integrated management system.

To achieve this, the company is committed to the following:

  • Recognize customer requirements and make sure that products are meeting their needs and expectations.
  • Provide adequate working environment and awareness for employees to increase their loyalty and cooperation in system implementation and in achieving company’s policy and objectives.
  • Follow scientific researches to increase productivity and product quality and to continually improve environmental performance, prevent pollution, decrease risk and preserve natural resources.
  • Comply with national laws and legislations related to environment, safety and occupational health and regularly evaluate such compliance.
  • Implement good manufacturing practices (GMP), food safety Codex and international standards of quality, environment, safety and occupational health.
  • Continual improvement of product, processes, equipment, and employees skills to reach customer satisfaction and to make benefit for the company, the personnel and the society.


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